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Restore Strength and Activity

St. Gabriel’s Community’s private, transitional care suites add a touch of luxury during recovery after a hospital stay, surgery, illness or injury. The short-stay neighborhood also includes our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center, which allows our guests the opportunity to receive all their therapy within steps of their door. After returning home, therapy services can be continued on an outpatient basis.

St. Gabriel’s Community offers therapy seven days a week. Rehabilitation and therapy helps individuals recuperate, get strong and get back to everyday life. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work with guests, families and medical teams to create a personalized care plan – and help restore independence as soon as possible.

 Our expert staff specialize in:

  • Pain management
  • Inflammation
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Stroke recovery
  • Contractures
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Would healing
  • Joint replacement recovery
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Herpes Zoster
  • Fall prevention


Meet Lillian

Lillian Hegel enjoyed our therapy staff so much on her first visit to St. Gabriel's Community that she decided to pay them a second visit, claiming she was "homesick."Lillian on bike

Lillian developed cellulitis on her calf, a skin infection caused by bacteria, in August 2012.  She was hospitalized for two weeks before being transferred to St. Gabriel's Community.  During her six month stay here, Lillian was "amazed at how bad the wound was, yet through her therapy, still able to walk."  Through daily wound care provided by nursing staff and the strengthening and work on ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) provided by physical and occupational therapy, Lillian was able to return to her home in Mandan the first of February.  "I really thought I was going to lose my leg.  Because of the wonderful care and therapy provided by St. Gabriel's staff, I was able to walk out of here and go home."

Nearly six months later in July 2013, Lillian had a fall and fractured her left hip.  After a brief hospital stay, she arrived to open arms at St. Gabriel's Community, ironically to the same room she had left.  Lillian was unable to bare any weight on her leg for 6-8 weeks. Learning to stand using a ceiling lift was a challenge; walking on one leg in a ceiling lift using parallel bars was a challenge; but the need to increase strength in her other limbs was necessary.  This, along with other formLillian with Therapists of therapy, became a daily routine for Lillian.  

During her rehab sessions, staff began to notice a gradual decline in Lillian.  She wasn't as sharp as she had been, her vitals were dropping and her color was off.  After a visit to the ER, it was discovered that her brain wasn't getting enough oxygen and surgery was scheduled to install a pacemaker. 

When Lillian returned to St. Gabriel's after her hospital stay, she now had another obstacle to overcome.  She had orders to not use of her left arm and had limited range of motion.  Therapy staff had to change Lillian's care plan again.  All three disciplines became involved, occupational, speech, and physical therapy were utilized.   Lillian had to increase her endurance, strength, mental capacity and work on fine motor skills. 

As of October 2013, Lillian continues to recover at St. Gabriel's Community.  Her recovery has been amazing.  Lillian had numerous obstacles to overcome but she never gave up hope.  She always had a positive attitude which she felt contributed to her recovery.  "As painful as it was, I still did what I was asked.  I am so thankful to the staff at St. Gabriel's Community and to still be alive."  

Meet Cecilia

On the morning of February 20, Cecilia Jundt suffered a stroke in her home.  Fortunately, her neighbor found her just one hour after the incident and immediately called 9-1-1. Within the next hour, she was in the Emergency Room and agreed to thrombolysis, commonly called clot busting. Although the procedure dissolved and broke down the blood clot, Cecilia suffered paralysis on her left side. Cecilia became a guest at St. Gabriel’s Community on Friday, March 28, and was eager to start therapy. When she arrived, she was unable to stand independently and could only walk 20 feet with assistance.

Six weeks into her therapies at St. Gabriel’s, Cecilia can stand unassisted and can walk 300 feet. She conquered stairs with determination and support. In addition to physical therapy, Cecilia works with an   occupational therapist to increase her upper body strength, and has regained about 40 percent of her left arm’s range of motion. She sees a speech therapist for swallowing issues and vocal quality. Her goal is not only to walk independently and return home, but to sing again.

“If you have to have therapy, this is the place to be,” Cecilia emphasized. “I am so happy with my progress. I’m making huge improvement, and am hoping to find my singing voice again.”





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