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Thank you for supporting our Mission

St. Gabriel's Mission is to provide high-quality services in a compassionate environment that enhances human worth.  With community support, special enhancements become possible that current funding is not able to support.  Gifts from generous donors can be directed toward one of the following funds:

  • Enhanced Care and Services - support St. Gabriel's greatest needs which vary and may include purchasing specialized equipment or furniture, launching new programs, or supporting wellness.
  • Courtyard - gifts will help us enhance our outdoor living areas by creating a "healing garden" where our guests and relax and reflect.  Your support can fund flower and rock gardens, butterfly and humming bird gardens, outdoor shelter and seating. 
  • Chapel - these gifts help us directly support the delivery of our mission and may include needed equipment and supplies, books, offset the costs of clergy, and will support the need for future growth of St. Gabriel's All Saints Chapel.
  • Building - St. Gabriel's Community is planning for the future.  Donations to the building fund will support our vision to add senior housing options.

Every gift received will be used exclusively at St. Gabriel's Community to directly benefit our guests. 

St. Gabriel's Community 4580 Coleman Street Suite 3, Bismarck, ND 58503 (701) 751-4224