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Services and Amenities that Enhance Quality of Life

St. Gabriel’s Community offers many attractive features and services. There are also plenty of activities to do, with plenty of friends to accompany you.


Homelike environment.

St. Gabriel’s Community is uniquely arranged in small neighborhoods where our guests can enjoy their own rooms with PRIVATE showers. Each neighborhood has a LIVING, DINING and FAMILY space which creates a comforting, warm environment that feels just like home.

Delicious Dining Options.

We serve healthy, nutritious meals in a restaurant dining style. Guests have a menu of options to choose from. Family and friends are always welcome to come for a meal – let us know ahead of time and we’ll reserve a special spot.

 Sakakawea Salon and Spa.

An on-site cosmetologist is available two days per week for hair care and grooming needs. Guests receive one complimentary haircut every six weeks.

 Outdoor spaces.

Guests are able to enjoy the outdoors in our courtyard. A soon-to-be landscaped healing garden will provide an atmosphere to relax and reflect.

 Capitol Theater.



The smell of popcorn draws guests to our theater to watch a movie. Movies are shown at least once per week.



Easily accessible, regularly scheduled mass are open to all guests, staff members, family, friends and the community of Bismarck five days a week. Ecumenical services are also available every Friday morning.

Spiritual Care.

Care for the whole person is an integral part of our community. Our Director of Spiritual Care provides guidance for issues requiring healing of body, mind and spirit. In addition to church services, communion, blessing and prayers, they are also a source of guidance and support for our guests and staff.


Be Well Program

Many people feel that "age" and "getting older" is the cause of problems traditionally faced by older adults.  It's important to understand that weakness is not caused by age, rather is a normal physiological adaptation to a lack of exercise lever exertion.  While injury and disease can rob us of our ability to do stimulating exercise, many of the physical struggles we face as we get older can be slowed, stopped or reversed with appropriate exercise.  The sooner one starts, the better, but we must understand that it is never too late. 

St. Gabriel's Community began offering a BESTAge rehabilitative program in March, 2013.  The tailored components for each guest ensure that each level of the care continuum is safe, effective, and efficient, with standardized objective outcomes.  Some of the outcomes experienced by others engaged in this program include increased functional capacity, decreased incontinence, increased balance, enhanced bone density and greater mobility. be well toe touch

The incorporation of the "Be Well" program at St. Gabriel's Community has been a success.  This rehabilitative program is offered daily on Prince and Patterson neighborhoods to our long-term guests.  An average of 25 guests participate. "My shoulder has been feeling so much better.  I am so much stronger because of this exercise program," stated one St. Gabriel's Community guest. 

Be Well is a restorative care program designed to maintain and/or improve flexibility and strength. Our guests work in a 4:1 ratio with a wellness coach, focusing on a particular outcome for the day from balance, flexibility, strength or endurance, seven days a week. Benefits of group exercise include the interaction with other guests and increased motivation to participate. It also enhances development of mental, emotional, physical, and social health.

 “I am moving so much better because of exercise,” stated guest Mary Wald.

Guest and participant Barbara Schmaltz commented, “My shoulder is feeling so much better. I am so much stronger because of this exercise program.”




Social Wellness

Each week our guests have an opportunity to engage in a host of activities.  A small sample of the variety offered include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Rosary
  • Bible Studies
  • Bingo
  • Cooking Club
  • Music programs
  • Happy Hour

Flower planting in the spring









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